Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Food review 2- L&L Hawaiian food

let me tell you about one of my top two favorite places to eat. this is the amazing L&L Hawaiian BBQ, located in beautiful Dallas, TX. Its make me feel like I'm at home when i eat there. Being Hawaiian myself and from California its had to find some comfort food in the land of meat and potatoes. this is food i grew up on ad a child eating all the time and especially at family get togethers. The balance between sweet and salty foods stoke a chord with me that makes it in my eyes the best food in the world.

lets break it down

white rice growing up asian/ pacific islander this is my potatoes i could eat this breakfast rice and dinner anytime any way i even like it better then fried rice.

Teriyaki chicken its tender its sweet with brown sugar and bitter with ginger and a balance of flavor with the garlic

BBQ hawiian spare ribs marinated in soy sauce this salty meat is flame grilled to perfection that only can be decried as "ONO" hawiian for good.

pork chops

Chicken fried Pork chops one of the dishes i loved when my mother cooked for me. So when i moved away from home i had to learn how to make it.
 Your going to need metal tongs and a skillet and a large pot with a lid.

  • pork chops
  • onion
  • flower
  • egg
  • garlic salt
  • paprika
  • black pepper 
  • oil
  • beef bullion
  • cornstarch
  1. start my seasoning the chops liberally you won't be able to season them after you coat them so make sure they are season to your liking.

  2. start some oil in the pot and render your onion

  3. then beat the egg and  place chop in and then into the flour mix.

  4. repeat process until all chops are coated
  5. take onions our of pot set aside drain oil and replace with new oil
  6. take chops two at a time sauté until golden brown and crush is puffed up
  7. repeat precess until all chops are sautéed 
  8. drain all oil and place 4 bullion cubes in put with 3 cups of water and all of the chops and grilled onion
  9. bring to boil and then reduce heat to simmer leave for one hour

Trust me this is worth the wait

Food review 1 - Not So Fresh

im not a huge breakfast person if its not a cup of coffee or a bowl of oatmeal I'm pretty much out the door as quick as i can, but I've always wanted to try a breakfast sandwich from Subway. one morning i work up before class and had extra time and figured why not today so i drove over to Subway and took a look at the menu. they had egg while sandwiches on different breads and english muffins and several means that you can choose form and being a fan of pork i thought a sausage breakfast flatbread sandwich would be for me. Until i saw the mystery meat they were serving, it was a frozen piece of brown meat with red specks of something i think could be red bell pepper. Oh great its my turn to order stalling i said I've never had anything here for breakfast can you suggest something, beacon egg and cheese is simple and you can't go wrong with that. so i ended up getting something as simple as a beacon egg and cheese on a english muffin spending twice as much as i could have at McDonnell's right next door but at least i dodger the brown mystery meat brick sandwich special.

25 and under

Here is my attempt to try and eat cheap in Ada and try and a place to eat that you might not have gone before. lets talk breakfast lunch and dinner. For breakfast you cannon go wrong with a breakfast burrito from the Chickasaw Nation travel stop there are such a great deal in ada only $6 for a burrito that seems to weight a pound, great food and fast sevice and the best part is you can call ahead and they will tell you when you food is ready. So that is my pick for breakfast the Chickasaw Nation Travel Stop
 Lunch time come around and when im having a craving for BBQ and a cheese burger I go to Fat Boys BBQ, located convienetly in Butlers Mini Mart it serves up some of the best BBQ in town. But the HIdden secret is the smoked burgers, they are also smokes and at 1/3 of a pound they are worth the price of $6 add in some potato skins and a foundtain drink and thats what I call am amazing lunch.
Dinner time: when im craving Italian food and i want it fast and for a good price i got to San Rimos pizza, i fairly new buisness they have been open for about a year to two years. they specialise in hand made pizza and sandwiches such as meatball and chicken parm. Lunch speials slives of pizza for 1-2  dollars a slick this is deffintly a fast place to grat a bite for lunch. But when its dinner time and I want some San Rimos I head for the baked ziti, this pasta dish is only about $7 come with bread and a salard ( i'll pass on the salad)
Come and try the taste of Ada full of several small mom and pop store and places to eat for a decent price
Breakfast: burrito $6, coffee $1.50
Lunch: cheese burger $6, Drink $1.50, potato skins $2
Dinner: ziti $7
Total =$25

a real plate

While Visiting my girlfriends parents house for the holidays i took part in their family traditions and some amazing food. the martinez family welcomed me in with welcome arms and i truly enjoyed being with them. Not being able to visit my family for the past three years has been had on me but having a wonderful home cooked mean was truly a blessing.

here is some of the dished we had during our Thanksgiving meal
  • Ham (that i prepared)
  • Greens
  • stuffing with home made gravy
  • mashed potatoes from scratch
  • yeast rolls
  • mac and cheese to top it off
What I'm going to tough on is the preparation on what went into cook this wonderful mean. the Martinez family began their day cooking all of the deserts that i did not take a picture of there was pumping pie, peanut butter balls (rice kris pies cereal rolled in peanut butter and flower and dipped into milk chocolate), red velvet cake pops, and banana cream pie. They prepair all of the deserts in the morning so the oven will be ready to cook the ham and turkey.

The greens were cooked in a late pot brought to a boil with spices and a ham hock tot add flavor. simmer over a stove for several hours until the bitter greens are tender, chili flake is their special ingredient they add.

the lashed potatoes are small red potatoes that have been peeled boiled and boiled over the store with salt. after boiling for a hour because of the sheer volume of this family 5 kids 2 parents and myself, they were put into a potato ricer to add a lightness to the dish, then real cream was added and real butter, a dash of paprika was also thrown into the mix.

I hope i don't have to explain how to make mac and cheese (boil,drain,add cheese mix and milk butter) just out the box.

i enjoyed having my holiday with there family.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a man and his pig

The ham that took over Thanksgiving. here is a picture of my can that i prepared for the holidays I have say I'm very proud of it and it taste even better. this is one of my better first time cooks and let me tell you how i prepared it. 

  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
  • Score ham, and stud with the whole cloves. Place ham in foil lined pan.
  •  In the top half of a double boiler, heat the corn syrup, honey and butter. Keep glaze warm while baking ham.
  • Brush glaze over ham, and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Baste ham every 10 to 15 minutes with the honey glaze. During the last 4 to 5 minutes of baking, turn on broiler to caramelize the glaze. Remove from oven, and let sit a few minutes before serving.
  • (5 pound) ready-to-eat ham
  • 1/4 cup whole cloves          
  • 1/4 cup dark corn syrup 
  • 2 cups honey
  • 2/3 cup butter

lets me be honest  i was scared to death to make this dish for the first time and i have an above average cooking iq this did take me back and i had to take everything i have ever learned  from growing up in such a male cooking family.



Thursday, November 7, 2013


hello my name is Brandon Householder and i love cooking, id like to share with you the ways that you can cook in three different ways, cheap, healthy, and fast.

i love exploring new food ideas and push myself in finding new recopies and techniques while cooking.

today is just a busy world with work school and studying its hard to find time to cook and sit down to have a healthy meal, these recipes are fast find and everything you see you can find in your local supermarket.

 I feel like that some people live to eat and we go thought our day to just satisfy every food craving we have, but we sometimes we need to dive in and indulge in our craving and sometimes we need to look for a more sensible option.

i also am going to do some food reviews, because we all know every meal can't be homemade.

i want to show every that you can make great food that is cheap but still takes that cravings away.
but when i do go out to eat i want to just share my experience of life with life thought food.

 live to eat don't eat to live but do it in a way that is healthy and affordable